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Fingerprint Safes Overview

All You Need To Know About Fingerprint Safes

Fingerprint safes, which are also known as biometric safes, are becoming more and more popular amongst people who want to keep their possessions secure. Because these safes use state of the art fingerprint technology, it makes them incredibly simple and easy to open, while at the same time eliminating the need to remember combinations or keep keys hidden around the home.

Opening fingerprint safes couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is place your finger on the pad that reads your fingerprint, and the safe will open. This is especially handy in situations where you need to open a safe quickly, which is why fingerprint gun safes are currently a bestseller amongst gun users.

Your fingerprints are programmed into the memory of the safe, so you can be rest assured that only you will be able to gain access to the safe. If you require other people to be able to gain access to a fingerprint safe, then most of the top models currently available are able to store the fingerprints of multiple people.

Barska Fingerprint SafesAll biometric safes are powered by batteries, and in the event that the batteries should fail, you can usually override the system with a key. As with any safe, it is important to never lock the key inside, as it will be impossible to gain access to it.

Things to look for in fingerprint safes:

Ease of access

If you are a gun owner, then you will want to look at biometric gun safes that are easy to access. This means having a safe that swings open in a matter of seconds so you can quickly grab a gun in the case of an emergency.

Size and weight

Another thing to take into consideration is the size and weight of a fingerprint safe. There are many different shapes and sizes available to buy, and you have to take into account your own particular needs when deciding which one is right for you.

For example, if you plan on travelling with your safe and moving it around a lot, then it is a good idea to choose something that is lightweight and easy to carry around. Alternatively, if you you require a safe with lot’s of space for all of your valuable possessions, then you are going to need something a lot bigger.

Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Fingerprint SafeBrands

There are many different fingerprint safes available on the market, and they can be easily purchased online safely and securely.

Some of the top brands to look out for are Barska, Stack-On, GunVault, SentrySafe, BioBox, and Viking.

Pros and Cons of fingerprint safes:


Fast access – the problem with opening a safe with a keypad is that if a mistake is made it can take a while for the safe to reset itself. This problem is eradicated forever with fingerprint safes!

More secure – if your current safe is opened by a key or combination, there is always the chance that it can be opened by somebody else. This will never happen with a fingerprint safe.


Reliant on batteries – The one flaw of fingerprint safes is their reliance on batteries. If the battery runs out you will be unable to access the safe quickly.

Before you shop online for be sure to check out our review of the best fingerprint safes, including Barska Fingerprint Safes and Gunvault Fingerprint Safes.